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Wilson, Richard (1941-)
Three Interludes for violin, piano

Interlude I
Interlude II
Interlude III


May 21, 2007

Joseph Genualdi, Viola
Richard Wilson, Piano

WILSON-Three Interludes

Composed in 1996

Richard Wilson comments on his Three Interludes.

My Three Interludes for Violin and Piano are so titled because they were written during compositional “interludes” – periods of recuperation after finishing one large work and before tackling another. But they have also been programmed to serve as interludes between major works of the repertoire. The first two received their premiere on a recital that I played with violinist Joseph Genauldi on July 25, 1996. They stood between a sonata of Mozart and a trio by Beethoven. For a later program in 1997, I added the third piece. There, the set was surrounded – and intimidated – by sonatas of Beethoven and Brahms.

I think of the first interlude as reflective, the second whimsical and the third mildly virtuosic.

Performance Date: May 21, 2007

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